Cats competition

Cats competition

A competition Dedicated To Cats Is Returning To London In 2019

Good news for lovers of our feline friends an entire competition dedicated to cats is to come to the united kingdom later this year.
Sure, you’d got to love cats AN awful ton to really surface to an entire competition dedicated to them, however, we tend to all understand one person for whom this might be a dream come back true, right?
The event is rather prosaically known as CatFest 2019 and it’s planning to manifest itself on weekday twenty-ninth June 2019 in Beckenham Place Park in South London.
To be fair, the venue itself feels like a reasonably spectacular one. The park includes a beautiful designer vogue residence located within the grounds and for in some unspecified time in the future solely it’ll be filled with cats and everyone thing cat related.
There will be live music, lots of booze, food, and clearly fully many cats.
Of course, everything is going to be cat themed. Cocktails, vegan food, face painting, arts and crafts, films, essentially something that you just will imagine associated with cats.
Oh, and a few of the celebrities of the net cat world as a result of this is often 2019 which could be a factor currently are going to be creating AN a-purr-ance (I cannot promise that may be the last awful cat pun).
The list of ‘celebrity’ Insta-famous cats has not been declared, however, United Nations agency might fail to be excited by the prospect of any of the incoming at the festival?
Perhaps the foremost eccentric a part of the total factor and, let’s face it, they are up against some weird stuff are going to be the ‘CatLit’ section of the competition.
Festival attendees are going to be ready to gather around to listen to specially tailored versions of literary classics like Homer’s Odyssey given a feline twist.
One will solely imagine what you will get. Catcher within the Rye?
Well, do not say I did not warn you.
In all seriousness, one among them is unquestionably planning to be shut Encounters of the Fur Kind, that is healthier than something I’ve got if we’re being honest.
Of course, it’s all for an honest cause. The issue from the event is going to be placed towards the Erham Rescue center and Freshfields Animal Rescue. just in case you hadn’t guessed, they’re charities that assistance cats and kittens.
Tickets for the event can price £22.15 (including a booking fee) and may be bought from the official CatFest web site.
You’d higher be fast if you would like to urge your paws on one. the first bird tickets (slightly cheaper at £15 a pop) have already sold out out.
The perfect gift for the cat lover in your life, would not you agree?

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